BREAKING: Florida Democrat Arrested For Urinating On A Playground…At 4 P.M.


Florida State Senator Craig Silverman-Reyes is in hot water after a stunt he pulled Tuesday afternoon. Reyes was reportedly walking home from his local watering hole in Duterte, a small suburb of Miami, when he stopped to urinate.

His problem was location: a playground. Police received multiple calls from horrified parents reporting that a Hispanic man was urinating by the jungle gym. At least 17 children witnessed this unsettling display.

Officers responding to the avalanche of calls noted that Reyes “seemed very intoxicated” when they began speaking to him. He explained to them that he is a state Senator and he was just using the “open air bathroom back there.”

He has been charged with multiple accounts of gross imposition on a child because of the sheer number of kids who were exposed to him exposing himself, as well as public intoxication, lewd acts within 250 feet of a school, and other crimes.

“If we could charge him with terrorism we would,” Cobb County prosecutor Maarten Schenk told local news station WQQM. “This is one sick bastard and we’re going to make sure his grandkids are writing him letters in prison.”¬†Reyes is 32, so that’s a long time.

Democrats criticize conservatives for standing up for family values, but this is why: they have no values. They’re just a bunch of scared little pussies who whip it out in front of kids because who knows why?

Remember this in 2018. If you ever need to show your friends what Democrat family values are, tell them about Silverman-Reyes, the Democrat who exposed himself to kids in the middle of the afternoon right next to a school.


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