BREAKING: Marilyn Manson Crushed By Prop After Screaming ‘Assassinate Trump’


Washed-up goth singer still desperately trying to claim to relevance Marilyn Manson got a message from God on Saturday night when he dedicated part of his show to attacking President Trump.

“Donald Trump is a fcking cnt,” he said to his crowd of wrist-slitting degenerates. “If there was any justice in the world someone would end him so we don’t have to deal with his bigoted bullsh*t.”

“Assassinate Trump,” he then screamed, repeating it a few more times and immediately moving in to his song “SAY10.” The video for the song features a beheaded and bloodied Donald Trump laying in the street.

Before he got very far into the song at all, he fell backwards off a podium he was climbing and two stage props – large guns, ironically – fell on him.Then everything lit on fire.

Manson was rushed to the hospital with “serious internal bleeding” and an important lesson about messing with God and Donald Trump.

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