WHOA! Hillary Caught On Hot Mic Trashing Beyonce’ With RACIAL SLURS!

During Friday Night’s Hillary Clinton rally in Ohio, Beyonce’ Knowles, known for her liberal ideals and anti-police rhetoric, was performing a free set for the murderous email queen when she suddenly stopped singing. She turned towards the side of the stage where Hillary was standing and said, “You’re in my earpiece.”


Clinton, looking surprised, gave a smile and started clapping. Beyonce’ continued her performance but cut it short after just two songs. She was seen storming off stage and leaving the venue in a limousine shortly thereafter.

Wikileaks Gives Hillary An Ultimatum: QUIT, Or We Dump Something Life-Destroying

BREAKING: Wikileaks Gives Hillary An Ultimatum: QUIT, Or We Dump Something Life-Destroying

A reporter from the local Parma Gazette asked around and found out from a sound tech that Clinton’s lapel mic was hot and all of the staff were listening when she said:

“I’m grateful, but do we really need to listen to this ghetto trash music? Doesn’t she have something a little less…negro?”

The Clinton campaign refused calls for comment and the roadie who gave the original report is now nowhere to be found. Hopefully his life insurance was up to date.

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208 Comments on WHOA! Hillary Caught On Hot Mic Trashing Beyonce’ With RACIAL SLURS!

  1. Hilly is nothing but trash! I do not see why the Hollywood set are into her when she just uses them for their money and her gain!
    Wonder what she says about them when they are not around?

    • The Hollywood set follows Hillary because they live in the same elitist world Hillsry does. They are completely out of touch with the reality we live in. They are blind to the hypocrisy and corruption in the Democratic Party because it doesn’t touch them.

    • idk why she would think she is any different than all the others they use and then toss aside like yesterdays garbage…smdh….i thought she was supposed to be so dam smart….HA….guess that was a lie too

      • I don’t think you understand the term zionist. “a movement for (originally) the re-establishment and (now) the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel. It was established as a political organization in 1897 under Theodor Herzl, and was later led by Chaim Weizmann.”

        Hillary Clinton is definitely NOT in favor of the Jewish nation prospering in their own land no matter what drivel comes out of her mouth.

        • You can’t them anything. Do not differentiate btwn Protocals of Zion and what a true Zionist is. Alittle information is dangerous much information is enlightening. I am a Zionist Am Yisrael chai. Many Christians are Zionist. The zionist they refer to are globalist cabal

      • Seriously, get your facts straight, before sending it all out into the population
        . The Devil aka, Illuminati, owns alot of the souls of Actors. Musicians and such.. they sell their souls to the Evil doers and then the become actors , musicians etc. Makes me sick… Obama had a bunch of them to the white house just recently and gave them medals of some sort, check it out , Obama , Clinton’s, Soros and some top politicians in power are all part of this Sick Society of Satan worshippers and child molesters….

  2. When will people learn that the Clintons’ are nothing but users? They have no respect for anyone, They use these celebrites to get votes and then talk trash about them. Sickening..

  3. No surprise Beyonce…please stop following her Hillary and Obama think they are the masters of destruction of theUSA she is using you allllll …Under her watch people are getting seriiusly hurt ..physically.
    Please Vote Trump

  4. If this is true, it’s a huge beatdown for the Hildabeast! If Beyonce talks about it, or any of the staff that heard her, that’ll blow her black voter bloc right out if the water!

    • I have kknow her the entire time of her career she has failed at everything she done she got a rapist off through corruption and has done nothing but corruption and sick twisted things her whole life she has sold out the Bengazhi men lives to this very election with nothing but corruption satanic cult to the very selling out of her kid yeah I know killary and I know about the coup of our government that was just countercoup to take her down with all her sick things she has done to America and it’s people.

  5. Well bouncy when will you and your moronic friends get it ? HILLARY AND BILL don’t like niggas and Jews they are only a means to an end !!!!!!!!

  6. The bitch is as racist as can be .but the total ignorant will still follow her like the is parting the red sea .Just remember you followers of hillary like Moses she will let the water drown you once she is done with your ass You will have no one to blame but yourself open your eyes you still have time to save yourselves .

    • The bitch is as racist as can be .but the total ignorant will still follow her like She is parting the red sea .Just remember you followers of hillary like Moses she will let the water drown you once she is done with your ass You will have no one to blame but yourself open your eyes you still have time to save yourselves .

      • The Clintons are evil ungodly pos… Moses led his people (slaves) out of bondage of Egypt and AFTER he parted the waters and let GOD’S persecuted people thru, GOD let waters flow back and kill the bad guys that had enslaved God/Moses people. Clintons just wanted Beyonce to get black people vote before they let the waters come back through. They are the bad guys

  7. And this is to prove what? There is no audio or video evidence to corroborate the story. Just a right wing “reporter” (and I use that term loosely) with a fantastical story idea which isn’t original. Simply took what happened with Trump and his hot mic (whice had evidence) and trying to turn it on Clinton. This isn’t news. It’s fallacy, and not done well at all. Lazy reporting.

  8. Sorry this is b.s. I watched the show and nobody stormed off stage Beyonce was hugging Hilary and handed her the mic before kissing her and calmy walked off stage with her husband. It’s amazing the roadie couldn’t be found after his bogus claim!

  9. So damn funny and fitting! Maybe now these”artists”and I use the term loosely,will finally realize what a piece of scum Hillery is.

  10. I can’t stand Hillary, but let’s not be like her and the Dem’s media, I want to hear her own voice saying these things. any person of reasonable intelligence in either party, should want to see & hear real proof of wrong doing.


    • The Clintons have,always been for themselves. All the money in the Clinton Foundation was put there by donors,TO the Clintons for a “charityfoundation” ..which turns out the money from the Foundation is used as their personal “bank account” to use the money for their own family…


  12. So Jay Z and Beyonce conduct a FREE concert for Hillary Clinton.. Hum.. Yet Donald Trump stands alone with JUST his 15,000 supporters, who came for JUST Trump.. no help form the so called “star power”!! And let’s not forget his republican party.. Talk about weak!!
    I personally find it very insulting that Hillary Clinton thinks so low of the black community, she plays them for a fool and thinks they are down right stupid! I hope you all enjoyed the FREE concert she supplied you with. Because that ALL she will do for you!
    Think about this, Hillary Clinton thinks that the only way black people will ever understand the election process and the fact that they should even vote, period…is to use the words FREE and WELFARE. Hillary has purposely bound a large percentage of the black community in a vice, locked them down and they are under her sick control!
    GET OUT AND VOTE PEOPLE!! DON’T BELIEVE THE SOCIAL MEDIA WHEN THEY SAY “THERE IS NO WAY FOR TRUMP TO WIN, HE HAS A NARROW PATH” it’s all mind control.. they want us to feel there is no point to go out and vote if SHE is going to win anyway!! GO OUT AND VOTE!!! Bring your family and friends, tell your coworkers to through their kids in the mini van and get to the polls!!
    Beyonce.. put that fist up.. you know, the one you display so proudly in honor for the black panthers.. and punch yourself right in the mouth with it!
    Whoever your voting for just GO VOTE!!

    • I agree, Missy. Free stuff. I saw a clip from the show and Hillary was yet again offensive after JZ and his crew did a horrific, violent rap that called women bitches and hoes and talk about drugs and killin niggas – oh yes, and hoes. She was euphoric as she clapped at the end shouting happily, “THIS IS YOU, AMERICA! THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!” All the people clapped and shouted approval. Really people? She likes to pander to black people with a tremendous disconnect. She actually believes black people are all gangsta… and ignorant.
      Meanwhile, Trump STILL had more people at his rallies without free food and free concert tickets. I hope those people had a good time and then vote trump anyway.

  13. Even Left lib’d can’t say it’s ok for what Hillary did! Truthful who the hell want a EVIL👺LYING MURERING WITCH I’ll NEVER FORGET BENGHAZI!

  14. She is always flapping her yap! Why more people haven’t caught on is beyond me? I find it rather amusing, how stupid her minions truly are…

  15. Hillary is smarter than B…and Z….But not T…Trump….the blacks have heard Hillary say racist things …they are stupid FOR supporting her.

  16. Where is the video showing this. .. young voters don’t realize that she is a Grand Puba Princess the KKK. . Her mentor was bird. They Democratic Party has been the one for over a hundred years keeping people enslaved and that’s what your welfare is.

  17. as always, killary will get a free pass.
    liberals are nothing if not unified. they hate each other behind closed doors, but they march in lockstep to vote.

  18. I don’t care for Beyonce or her music but have enough class to never say something like that whether anyone could hear me or not!

  19. She is a hypocrite right along with Michelle Obama. They are offended by the People’s Choice for President Donald Trump’s locker room word Pussy and yet Tom Jones sings it: What’s New Pussy Cat and then they use Beyonce foul mouth and F words and N words to get people to go and vote for her. She even has Obama committing criminal act telling illegals to vote and they won’t get in trouble…that is a felony also. And she uses the Democrats foundation of KKK against Donald when they are using black lives matter group to cause disturbances at our rallies and that black singer using the F and N for every other word during a concert for Hillary herself. She is a hypocrite.

  20. She is such a lovely grant mother type person, trash although I am not a fan of Beyoncé either, but I certainly not kiss her backside then trash her! But the kindly lady (NOT) who wants to be our president has no such qualms! She is trash a traitor, liar, thief and many things America does not know about yet!

  21. well..believe it or not, that was not racist….I don’t like that music either..torture to have to sit and listen to it…the ONLY thing I agree with hillary on

  22. What is so surprising about this? Just another one of her “hate tactics” to use and abuse for her so called gain. Minorities wake up!! Do you really trust a Jezabel like Hillary!

  23. Beyonce and Hillary are some of the most racist people I’ve ever seen.. they both deserve each other and I would rather clean a bathroom with a toothbrush than to support either one of them… we do not need her or any of her blackliesmatter clan….

  24. We’ve been trying to tell people for months that Hillary hates America! ALL Americans! Beyonce, that goes for you, too. She is an elitist of the worse kind that goes miles beyond racist or bigot. You should vote Trump.

  25. I think this is funny as hell…oh well she gets a taste the fruits of Hilary Clinton lap it up baby girl aren’t you proud to support such a wonderful women✌

  26. No surprise….except to Beyonce. Maybe now she will understand who Hillary really is behind her lies. Not a nice woman and she’s only looking for votes.

  27. I doubt this story is true. I do however feel that Killary has just been using everyone, especially Black people in this country to get what she wants most in life. I have never felt that her concern for the plight of Black Americans is real. She moved to Harlem to try to prove to them that she accepts them, but it was just a move to become a Senator from NY. I’ll give it to her for keeping to her strategy. If her record alone isn’t enough to convince people that she and Bill are just two crooks using the system, there’s nothing anyone can say that will change their mind. Barack Obama said it during the race against her,”Hillary Clinton is a liar, a crook, and has never done anything that she’s promised.” He further stated that she isn’t fit to be president. I truly feel bad for those who are so geared toward their party that they will let Lucifer in the door.

  28. Who knows if this is true or not. I’m just surprised that JZ, ( Who seems to be an intelligent man) what allow himself and his wife to be used at the Democratic Party.

  29. As an American citizen I recognize that the 2nd amendment is important but there is one that is greater, the 1st amendment. By posting this I am expressing my 1st amendment right. I hope you will be willing to allow me to express my views freely. Otherwise you are doing exactly what you claim the government is doing. I have removed anything personally offensive to other readers therefore I don’t see why you wouldn’t allow it. Thanks in advance.

    To all the people on the Trump bandwagon, I have this message for you….wake up and use your brain! All of you spewing hatred over a false story. This is ridiculous. Donald Trump has been playing each and every one of you from the very beginning. Feeding off of your fears in order to win your votes. You are the sheep and he the master manipulator. This man can say absolutely anything and still you believe him. As a matter of fact he HAS said just about any and everything and you have believed him. Just like this story he has been caught in several lies throughout this campaign. It’s like he says whatever he feels is going to sway the most people his way regardless of the truth behind it. He changes his stance and position on topics as the wind blows and you blow right along with it. He rants on social media like an immature toddler and has no self-control at 70 years old!! Yes, he has built a real estate empire but that doesn’t mean he can lead this country. Those are two very different things. He is a character, a TV personality whose ego is so big that he wants to be the most powerful man in the world. He doesn’t have what it takes to lead the country. How foolish are all of you for allowing yourselves to fall for this circus? How do you elect a president that is ignorant regarding foreign policy? How as a woman can you elect a president that has no respect for you or your gender and has proven it time and time again? How as a minority (for the few that plan on voting for him) do you back someone who has no regard for you or your race? It’s not about being PC or sensitive to harsh words and rhetoric. Listen to what he says. He has told you exactly who and what he is….so believe him. As a presidential candidate the man has zero substance. His entire campaign is built on tearing others down, spreading fear, and sheer negativity. He doesn’t have real plans for this country. The campaign slogan he uses “Make America Great Again” was stolen from Ronald Reagan. He is taking your most revered Republican figure and using it to his advantage. He speaks very vaguely, constantly promising that he is going to fix this or that but never saying how. You are fed up with government but yet are willing to elect someone who is doing the same thing you claim politicians do. You know why he can’t see how he’ll fix it?…because he doesn’t know how and doesn’t plan to. He just wants to be the most powerful man on the planet…that’s his end game and you are so foolishly his puppets helping him complete his goal. Whether conscious or subconscious, many of you are so blinded by your hatred for OUR president (who happens to be black) that you are willing to vote for the most unqualified candidate probably ever. Like a cunning fox, he strategically changed his viewpoints on several key issues to align himself with the Republican party because it was his best chance of being nominated…AND IT WORKED!!! He’s probably the first non-Republican to be nominated by the Republican party. My fellow Americans what you are doing is an absolute disgrace and it is extremely sad that you have let him get this far and may get him all the way to the White House. You have been manipulated. You have been lied to. You have been hoodwinked and you have been bamboozled. You cherish your 2nd amendment right to bear arms over everything else and have allowed a con artist to take complete advantage of that. Trump won’t “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”. He can’t. He knows there’s no greater America than the present version and is trying to take full advantage. Not convinced, well in what other time could a sleazy, racist, tax-evading, TV personality, with tons of money, no moral compass, and fake Christian values become President of the United States? None. Someone who has no government experience, little to no understanding of foreign policy, and no regard for the people of this country? There has never been another time. No time like the present fellow citizens which is why if Trump is elected president America will never be great again but by the time you realize that it will be too late. Congratulations, by attempting to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”, you may have permanently ruined it for our children and for future generations. Thanks a bunch.

  30. Before you get your panties in a wad, I do not mean for this post to sound as though I dislike America. It is a beautiful place with wonderful people.

    I am trying to figure out how to get away from the amount of control the government has on my life. Sad part is…There isn’t one….hear me out.

    I have to have money to do all of the things I need to live because somehow we got tricked into believing these papers and coins are powerful.

    And even if I bought land and did the homestead thing, I still have to pay taxes, but why?

    And to whom?

    And what do they do with the money I am paying them?

    It seems to me, like I’m making a bunch of crazy people rich while I’m left here wondering where I went wrong in life. (I’ll tell you, nowhere . I’m pretty great okay, some not nice things in my past, but this isn’t about that and I was young.)

    It seems to me like they just keep saying things like, no you don’t need wells anymore drink city water, and a lot of people do. And then they put fluoride in our water! (I won’t even go into the crisis of the Flint, Michigan water, that is still needing repaired, right? Or the recent pipeline problem.)

    And instead of trying to use cheaper more efficient fuel they continue to build pipelines through our lands that will poison our natural water sources. Not to mention the other tremendous issues ecologically which will result from not finding new ways.

    While we let them do it to us!

    But why? If we buy something from somewhere is it not ours? Then who are they to tell us what we can do on the land that we bought from them?! And why do we pay taxes for them to tell us what to do on property we bought from them?!

    I had a lot more but I lost where I was going, I’m so infuriated and astonished at what is happening all around me. Not just in America, but the world. (and beyond 👻👽)

    I’m telling you all if we don’t start to unite they will kill us all. More of us can be born and bred until they figure out how to get robots to be their minions.

    …..they keep telling me that I am free…….but they tell me what I can put in my body……..they tell me that I am free… but THEY put stuff in MY body I would not and somehow that is okay…they tell me that I am free…..and they force me to pay for something that was not affordable in the first place, but they can give me a number where if I meet poverty level I won’t be forced to pay the fine for not buying the insurance I already could not afford….they tell me that I am free and they will give me everything I need while making it impossible to access or find out any information on anything…they tell me I am free.


  31. I don’t get a sound bite on this site; however, it was reported (and disputed on several websites) that Killary said: “I’m grateful, but do we really need to listen to this ghetto trash music? Doesn’t she have something a little less…negro?”

  32. REMEMBER, when you vote today, Hillary, the DNC, the Washington & Hollywood Elites, the Media AND the Obama Administration are COUNTING ON your POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, your INDIFFERENCE, AND your IGNORANCE of their CRIMES, MANIPULATIONS AND LIES!!! It’s TIME for WE THE PEOPLE to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!!

  33. “I’m grateful, but do we really need to listen to this ghetto trash music? Doesn’t she have something a little less…negro?” I guess Hillary may have some normal traits.

  34. STOP all this hate and learn to love each other, if you don’t like what others say take them out of your life, don’t fill it with hate, if there more love in this world this will make it better for everyone, colour is skin deep, under that, we are all the same, our flesh is red with blood, if yours is different then you came from another planet. Give a strange a hug and be kind to each other.

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